Is wingfoiling hard to learn?

Is wingfoiling hard to learn? Is a really, really hard question because there are so many moving parts and subjective parameters tied to it that there is no easy answer. 

That is why we at the ran the first ever survey from February 6th 2023 until February 22nd 2023 to ask those who have already done it. You can find the full results here.

When listening to early stories from those killing it today, it seems that more than 50% found it hard to learn wingfoiling, and mind you 90% of our respondents are people with extensive previous watersports experience. Here are some of key findings from our research:

  • 53% of riders found Wingfoiling hard to learn.
  • 73% of all riders with Beginner watersports experience found it hard
  • 65% of all riders with Intermediate watersports experience found it hard.
  • 40% of all riders with Advanced watersports experience found it hard.

Generally riders below 30 find it easy to learn. Half of those in the age bracket 31-50 find it easy while the other half obviously find it hard. As we age we find it harder to learn:

  • 58% in the age bracket of  51-60
  • 71% in the age bracket of  61-70
  • 88% in the age bracket of  71-80

Local spot water conditions make a huge difference when learning. According to our respondents it is a lot easier to learn in flat water compared to choppy waters. Only 44% of those learning at the flat water spot found it hard compared to 60% of those learning in choppy water, which is a significant 40% difference.

This handy chart might help you manage your wingfoil learning  expectations based on your previous watersports experience. It shows how many respondents found it hard to learn compared to their previous watersports experience.

  • those with previous foiling experience generally find it easy to learn wingfoiling
  • advanced surfers, kiteboarders and windsurfers also generally find it easy to learn wingfoiling. 
  • Surfers generally find it easier to learn than windsurfers and kiteboarders
  • If you are a beginner or intermediate rider, manage your expectations because a large chunk of respondents with similar experience found it hard to learn.

If you prefer listening to the people talking about this topic – check the great video about it by Damo and Gwen here.

This is why, unless you are an experienced foiler, surfer, or having amazing athletic capabilities, we would recommend you to approach wingfoiling with the assumption that this sport is hard to learn. You can’t lose with this mindset because if it will prove to be hard – you will be ready for it and avoid frustration. Contrarily, if it proves to be easier than expected you will have a blast learning it. 

Great things in life come to those who take the time to put the effort into their goals. So start grinding because It’s hard until it’s easy.

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