Who is Wingfoil Gear Finder made for?


Wingfoil Gear Finder is made for beginners looking to get into this amazing sport. Its goal is to help beginners make smart gear choices by suggesting appropriate gear for their ability level and local spot conditions. Such gear will speed up the learning curve, and make the process fun and enjoyable.

Intermediate and advanced foilers or wingers

Please note that Wingfoil Gear Finder is made for beginners, so the gear suggestions may be more basic and not include high-performance gear. If you’re already an intermediate or advanced foiler, you probably have a good idea of what gear works best for you. If the Gear Finder results don’t meet your needs, use the filter function on each category page to find exactly what you’re looking for.:




World’s largest database of wingfoil gear is here to help riders of all levels find the gear they need.

If you would like to chat about your results or experiencing any issues with Gear Finder, like strange results or bugs, please let us know through the Contact form. We’re here to help you find the gear which fits You!

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