What is the best beginner wing for wingfoiling?

Best beginner wingfoil wing will be different from person to person depending on your home spot conditions, size, watersports experience, and athletic level. Same as with board or foil choice.

As a beginner you need any help you can get, which means that a wing should help you build confidence by being easy to fly and forgiving but at the same time generate a lot of grunt (power) to build the speed you need to get you up on that foil. Definitely look for freeride wings rather than those aimed at freestyle or race.

Fill out Wingfoil Gear Finder and we will calculate which wings fit you. You will receive recommended Size Range that will take any guesswork out of the equation. On top of that you will receive a list of wings which fit those parameters. These parameters are calculated based on inputs you have provided in the Wingfoil Gear Finder questionnaire so make sure you have provided correct data. If you will have a hard time selecting the wing yourself – feel free to Contact us.

Most critical parameter in wing selection is average windspeed at your home spot. Talk to the locals, check historical data using apps like Wingduru, Windy, Windfinder and your local or National Meteo Service nail down the conditions you will mostly be riding on.

How to select the best beginner wingfoil wing?

There is a lot going on in wing development and each year wings are getting better and more efficient. Generally speaking, any wing that is either new or in great condition but up to two years old should do the trick. Look for forgiving freeride wings with lot of power because you will need it.

For watersports novices, and especially those less athletic and/or suffering from poor mobility our recommended wing selection process is as follows

Wingfoil Gear Finder results

  • click on the SHOW WINGS button from Your Rig results or Load More button at the bottom of wings results list
  • then use Filter sliders and options to narrow down wings Size, Wingspan, Wind range, Brand, etc. according to your needs.
Filter Wingfoil Gear Finder wing results, filter wings

Average Wind Speed: as already mentioned above is crucial parameter, so be as close as possible in selecting its range in the calculator. If you have selected range of 15-20 knots it is important to know where in that range your local spot is. So if your local spot fits more in lower range like 15-17 knots it is advisable to opt for biggest wings offered, while if it is closer to 20 knots you might be better off with wings from lower range.

NOTE: If your local conditions are border line and/or often experiencing lulls well below bottom range you have selected in Gear Finder, it is advisable to run the Gear Finder calculation again but this time selecting lower average wind speed from the menu. Because having enough power in the wing is prerequisite for gaining enough speed to get up on the foil. When in doubt – go BIG!

Use Compare button to select the wings for comparison and easily compare wings which interest you. Product button will take you to manufacturer product page, and Search button will open Google search for the given product so you can look for the availability of those products in your area.

Wingfoil Gear Finder compare wings

Happy hunting!

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